If you have a story to tell or a skill to teach others, ebooks are the perfect vehicle to get your message across. In this down-to-earth, easy to read, how-to ebook you’ll find detailed instructions on writing, editing, and preparing a quality ebook for Kindle, Smashwords, Clickbank, and even your own web site. The step-by-step instructions, based entirely on years of first-hand experience, will guide you through the entire process. As added value you have access to a how-to blog and an email address for questions.

My name is Bill Benitez and I wrote this ebook after publishing over a dozen ebooks and more than twenty print books. I’ve worked to develop the simplest, most effective, and proven methods to get ebooks ready for all devices. All this information is free with no obligation to buy anything.

Thanks for clicking the link for your free copy of How To Self Publish Your Ebook. Unlike some other sites, I won’t ask for your email in exchange for the book. It really is free with no catch. You can read more about the ebook below or just download your copy from directly iTunes, B & N (Nook) or others or just scroll down to the widget and click on Download to get your copy for any device. I sincerely hope this information will be of real value to you. Please contact me with question or comments at: bill@publishingsimplified.com . Thanks!

Copyright    2016    A. William Benitez

How To Self Publish Your Ebook: Succeeding on Kindle, Smashwords, Clickbank and Your Own Ebook Store covers everything you need to know to publish ebooks including:

1. An Introduction to Ebooks
2. Reasons for Writing an Ebook
3. Planning the Ebook - The Outline
4. Creating the Draft
5. The Discipline of Writing
6. Choosing the Best Title for your Ebook
7. Creating and Publishing Ebooks for the Kindle
8. Creating and Publishing Ebooks for Smashwords
9. Creating and Publishing Ebook Using Other Methods
10. The Free Options

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